The Pointers of Recovery as far as a Liver Transplant Surgery is Concerned

The Pointers of Recovery as far as a Liver Transplant Surgery is Concerned

What is liver resection? It would be a surgery where a portion of the liver is being removed. If the major chunk of the liver is healthy you can go on to remove half of it. The surgeon goes on to make a cut that in medical terms is referred to as incision. 

It would be done in the belly to take out a major portion of the liver. If the doctor taps on the right side of the liver, they are going to touch upon the gall bladder as well.

Once the liver resection is done, you can expect the belly to swell. This is going to be there for a single week or 2 weeks at the most. The chances of constipation, nausea may be also high at this point of time. The chances of mild fever and you will be tired as far as the stomach is concerned. The portion of skin around the stomach might be numb because the nerves would have been cut. 

It does happen to be a common condition and it would get better with the passage of time. The chance of numbness in the area where incision was made does appear to be on the higher side as well. In total around 6 to 8 weeks of recovery period is expected. It would be better to pay a visit to the best liver transplant specialist in India.The simple reason being that they have a detailed plan of recovery.
What is the process on how you are planning to take of yourself at home?

The moment you feel tired take rest. Getting enough amount of sleep would be the key at this point of time

At each day try to walk. The distance that you are walking should keep on increasing day after day. If you walk it does help in blood clot formation and at the same time prevents constipation.
Do stay away from difficult activities like running or climbing. This needs to be done till the doctor gives their nod for the same.

Till about 8 weeks of time do keep away from activities which is going to put a stain. This would mean that you should stop lifting of heavy things. This does increase the chances of complication all the more.

It would be better if you undertake breathing exercises at your home. This would be as per the instruction of your doctor

If you can go on to ask them when it is the right time to drive again

In most cases you would need to take a break of 4 to 7 weeks from your work place. This would also depend upon the type of work you are into.

In most cases you can go on to take a shower. This would be till that point of time when there is an incision near the drain. Then follow the instructions and ask the doctor when they will drain it

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