What do You Need to Live and Work in the UK?

What do You Need to Live and Work in the UK?

To live and work in the UK is the dream of many people. If that's your dream too, it is essential that you know about the UK, and it’s requirements before you plan to migrate there.

Living in the UK

The UK is an island nation made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It has a temperate climate and rains throughout the year. The language spoken in the UK is mainly English, and accent differs every 40 km. It is a fantastic place to live even though the cost of living especially in big cities is slightly expensive.

If you like to network, England is an excellent place for you. It is densely populated- you will get to meet people from all over the world, and you will also find many student doctors and people setting up their businesses. And just for your information, famous people such as Shakespeare, the Beatles, James Bond, author of harry potter and many more are from England.

London which is the capital city of England is known to have strong finance and cultural centre in the world. If you are from India and missing Indian food, you will even find many Indian restaurants there.

All the  UK residents are entitled to free health care services and the education provided is of high standards. The nation sites world-class universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. The UK is also famous for its red buses, black cabs, British tea, champagne, cheese, Big Ben, London eye, tower of London, spooky bridge etc.

Work in the UK

The UK is one of the richest and the largest economy country in the world. It is also known to be the first industrialised nation. The countries that come under the UK are well developed and pay well for your work. You also get one month paid holiday every year. Even when the economy is not that good, the place is still significant and full of life. Even though the work conditions in the UK is different when compared to other countries,  your rights are always respected.

Requirements to move to the UK

If you are not a citizen of the European Union or European economic area or Switzerland, you do not get the permission to live or work in the UK without these requirements.
      UK visa- For UK visa and immigration (UKVI) purposes you need to give IELTS test. Since language spoken in the UK is mainly English, you need to get a specific set of band score in this test if your planning to work or get into good universities.
      UK Bank account - If you are planning to work in the UK, you need to have a UK bank account because the UK employers transfer your salary in the local currency.
      National insurance number - To have access to benefits such as state pensions and student loans, you need National insurance number to pay your National insurance.


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