A Short Note on Different Kinds of UPVC Sliding Doors


     Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is one of the most versatile polymers. It is a major component in many appliances used in our daily lives. It has become one of the most preferable materials when it comes to doors and windows. UPVC Sliding Doors is because of the advantages that it provides against the other materials available in the market. It is also available in various colors and shades to suit your interiors, blend with the colors of your curtains and furniture. These doors are stylish and they add a sophisticated look to your personal space.

The advantages of uPVC against other alternatives available in the market are listed below:

•Durability: The doors made up of uPVC are much stronger than the conventional wooden doors. To make the material tough and sturdy various additives and stabilizers are used. This makes it capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.
•Maintenance: This is the most important advantage. Unlike wooden doors, uPVC ones are not prone to flaking or corroding. It requires very little maintenance; one can just clean it occasionally by wiping the surface. However, the locking mechanism may require some lubrication.
•Insulation: UPVC Sliding Doors stand out from its competitors when it comes to insulation. These doors will protect you from the biting cold, during winters and also unwanted noises.
•Resistance: UPVC windows ensure security; the galvanized steel coating makes it unbreakable. Apart from this, the material is also water and fireproof.
•Cost effective: UPVC doors are available in flexible price ranges to suit everyone’s needs. The price is considerably lower than the wooden and aluminum doors.
•Eco friendly: uPVC is a recyclable material, which makes it an eco-friendly option to use.
•Thermal properties: uPVC is a non-conducting material, so it does not allow excessive heat to enter your room, thus giving it a consistent and comfortable internal environment.

There are various types of UPVC doors available in the market to meet your distinct requirements:

      Sliding doors: These are the most commonly used doors. With the help of rollers, they glide smoothly with a gentle push. They offer a great panoramic view and are most suitable for spaces like balcony and verandahs.
      Tilt and slide doors: The tilt and slide doors provide you with optimum ventilation of light. It is a highly space efficient model.
      Casement doors: UPVC Casement Doors has features for security like multiple point locking, solid hinges and toughened glass. They add aesthetic value to your space.
      Slide and fold door: This system joins multiple door panels with a sliding mechanism. It is extremely stylish and easy to use.
      Designer doors: these doors create an excellent ambiance by enhancing the overall look of your space. These can be used in any room be it your drawing room or bedroom.
      Lift and slide doors: These are most suitable for places like villas, auditoriums, bungalows, and hotels. The doors are designed to provide optimum comfort and security.

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