Top 5 weekend gateways from Riyadh

Hey folks! Are you planning to go to the place where you will easily enjoy the destination without disturbance or traffic? If you want to enjoy your vacation or weekend with exotic beaches in a new way or exploring new cities where you can shop till they drop, then you can go for Riyadh. Here I am listing 5-weekend gateways from Riyadh

1.      red sands flower fields

There is a valley with breathtaking red sand flowers. This valley is very popular for red sands flower fields.  This is the very awesome place for picnics and youths with their bike.  This is place is so beautiful for more than one day picnic. When it rains, the flowers bloom in this area. You can reach at this place using Mecca highway.

2.      The Maldives –

Everyone doesn’t know that the Maldives can be reached from Riyadh by the Saudi Airline flight. If you are a new wed couple, The Maldives is the perfect destination for honeymoon purpose. From the hustle of tourist and city pollution, Maldives not only provides you the calmness but also a romantic place with romantic time with your life partner. There is no elating experience than to see whales and giant under-water creature around you.  The distance is 2,300 miles and it takes 7 hours for a flight to reach this place. For the tourist December to April is the very fine season.

3.      Malaysia –

We know Kuala Lumpur attracts the tourists but apart from this, there are some places such as Malaysia that offers many extraordinary things with the good atmosphere. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.  You can make shopping to your family members there from Sang Wag Plaza, Pavilion Mall. You can buy anything there at affordable prices. You can also take a city tour of one day.  Malaysia is approximately 3,000 miles from Riyadh and flights take 7 hours to reach there. March to October is the very cool time to visit there. You can also read top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

4.      Sri Lanka –

However, this place is very Small Island in the Indian Ocean, as well as many surprises and attractions, are here to provide.  There are lots of tea garden, high heels, elephant attractions, and clean beaches in Sri Lanka.  This country is the combination of interesting history, nature, and category of culture. Sri Lanka is famous for various dishes. Sri Lanka is 2,350 miles away from Riyadh. The flight takes 5 hours to reach there. Temperature remains constant there, so the good time to visit December to March.

5.      Oman –

Omanis are known as the hospitable folks in the world. Oman is also a historical place with amazing waters to swim in the Wadis.  It has well-maintained the landscape, and Raz A1 Jinz in Oman is the only place where you can see the sea turtle coming to the shore to lay eggs in the night. It is 873 miles away from Riyadh and 14 hours in the car.
So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and take a flight to one of the above destinations for real-life experience. 

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