Pros And Cons of Bulk SMS Marketing

An easy form of marketing bulk SMS has become an easy form of communication. It is cost effective and the reach is hard to match up. When you avail the services of bulk SMS gateway provider in India you do save a lot of time. It is a rapid developing sector and with each passing day the reach is scaling new heights. When you avail the services of bulk SMS gateway API India you can send out messages of 160 to 180 characters. It is the extend and the power of reach that has gone on to make this marketing tool fairly effective. The best part about the service is that messages reach out to the targeted audience in just a matter of seconds. No wonders to the fact that more and more business houses are cashing in on this powerful tool of communication.

The advantages of SMS

The first major advantage appears to be ease of reach. With a single marketing message you can reach out to an entire gamut of customers. This is in striking contrast to telemarketing where you need to reach out to each and every customer on a personal level. You can send out a personal message to a host of customers at a single go.

Secondly it serves as a form of personal communication. Considering the fact on how we use this tool to communicate with our near and dear ones. Unlike a newsletter when you send out a bulk SMS the news reaches out to the audience in just a matter of seconds. As it works out to be a direct form of communication you can interact with your clients in a concise manner.

Thirdly it works out to be a cost effective option. Instead of relying on multiple channels of communication, it does make sense to rely on a single communication module. So from a company point of view it helps them to decrease the marketing costs. This is compounded by the fact that the price of bulk SMS is reducing at a considerable scale.

Fourthly an instant response is the main advantage of bulk SMS. You can reach out to your customers as per your desire and the time you want. Since most of the users have mobile phones with them always things become easy.

The disadvantages of SMS

When you bombard customers with regular messages it does more harm than good. The frequent spamming of messages forces the customers to adopt a negative mind set towards the services or products of customers. The company realize in due course of time that their brand value has had an adverse impact.

Limitation of the message is another issue that you have to confront as well. As the characters of the message are restricted to 140 or 160 words it becomes difficult to formulate an effective message. In fact additional form of information in the form of hyperlinks might also not be received by the user in a positive manner.

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