What Do You Need To Know From A Criminal Mischief Lawyer?

Hiring Criminal mischief lawyer in Colorado is necessary to solve issues regarding your personal property. If a person damages someone’s property without seeking permission from the owner, it is an act of criminal mischief. It is known by several types like malicious mischief, damage to the property, vandalism, it anything else which has an impact on someone else’s property.
However, to know whether the act was an offense or part of criminal mischief, you need to understand the terms properly. Here are the things which you need to know from the criminal mischief lawyer of Colorado to distinguish between a normal act and an offense. 

The cases which fall under the heading of criminal mischief are:

Damaging the property rather than claiming possession

Criminal Mischief Lawyer of Colorado says that any act becomes a crime or a part of criminal mischief if only someone dares to damage someone else property without the permission of the owner. It does not actually matter if the damage caused is minor or huge, what counts are that the act of damaging was a crime committed. It should be noted that the act of criminal mischief does not include the issues like:

· Taking possession over someone else’s property.

· Breaking the defacing of a person’s property.

· Damaging the property with the permission of the owner.

The act should be an intentional one

Committing an act of criminal mischief is does not involve the acts which happened unintentionally. If damage has occurred accidentally, it will not be considered as an act of criminal mischief. If you commit any act of damaging being well aware of the consequences, it would be categorized as an act of criminal mischief. Heavy penalties and fines can be charged on such grounds.

Various types of damage:

Several activities surround the term Criminal mischief. There are various kinds of activities which fall under these criteria. It includes all illegal acts starting from painting graffiti on the boundary wall of a house to tampering with vital things like a fire hose and emergency exit. It also includes cases of setting off a smoke bomb to cause emergency public alarm and introduction of a virus or damaging any equipment of a person without permission.

These activities are generally caused due to recklessness. The laws of different states have different degrees of criminal mischief. On basis of the level, the number of penalties, fines, etc. is decided. These are the basic things which you need to know by talking to a criminal mischief lawyer.

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